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Hi all, we are a Toning, Fitness and Skin Care Centre.  Dawn & Alastair Lomax opened the salon in July 1999.

We have Shapemaster Toning Tables, a Fitness Suite and a Dermalogica Skin Care Salon, we also offer Sports Massage and a comprehensive range of beauty treatments.

We have plenty of off-road car parking and we are situated on the ground floor with easy access for disabled clients.

Toning Tables are a proven system for inch-loss.  Some of our clients have lost over their height in inches.  Toning Tables stimulate your circulation, releive stress and tension whilst increasing your flexibility and mobility.  They also improve posture and muscle tone. 

Toning Tables have been found to benefit many clients with arthritis, rheumatism, multiple sclerosis and numerous other conditions.  However before commencing any exercise programme you should always consult your G.P. 

The tables work through repetitive, isokinetic exercise isolating the major muscle groups.  The gentle controlled movements of the Toning Tables enhance mobility and flexibility whilst gently firming figures into shape  .You should attend two or three sessions a week to benefit.

Each exercise movement takes eight minutes.  There are seven tables in our set, so you should allow one hour for your full session.

All exercise packages bought online will be posted on a gift card.

We are open 6 days a week, our late nights are Monday to Thursday.  To see how easy it is to get back into shape book your FREE TRIAL by calling 01530 222201    
one, Firm, Feel  Great!

Come in casual comfortable clothing, you do not need to shower afterwards, fix your hair or re-do your make-up.





Keywords: toning tables