Most recent passes with M.O.D.S.(Marcus Oxenham Driving School)

By: m-o-d-s  17/05/2011

  Adam white said on May 11, 2011 3:36 PM Just passed test yesterday thanks to the best driving instructor in the world I never thourt I would have passed first time but i did thanks to Marcus I own you one mate apserlut legend thanks again we are the mods :) Zoe Hughes said on Apr 18, 2011 0:04 AM Marcus is the best driving instructor and I would recommend him to anyone, he is ever so friendly and has an amazing talent of putting you at ease whilst teaching you all the skills you need to be a successful and safe driver. I passed my driving test with just one minor and never thought this would be possible until Marcus built up my confidence and skills and put me in for my driving test at exactly the right time. Thank you for everything Marcus!!