By: Fall-Pac  27/01/2011
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The TS2 ensures the safety of personnel and cargo alike. With its unique interlocking system the TS2 can have as many modules connected or as few, this is all dependent upon the situation in which it being installed.

In 2008 there was on average of 11 incidents per month these include:

Falling from dock levellers
Falling from the side of an open trailer
Cargo incorrectly loaded onto a trailer, ultimately toppling off
The list continues

The benefits of TS2 is that once it is in place it adds another 2.4 metres to either side of either your trailer or your dock leveller. This then gives additional surface coverage which subsequently gives personnel additional footage space which in turn will eliminate or drastically reduce the amount of stumbles, trips and falls from all application points.

Pricing for this product is available upon request, but to eliminate the risk of £165,000 insurance claims, this solution is but a small price to pay for personnel safety and for business security especially in a recession time when money is king.
I hope that this information has been of great help and if we can be of any further help please do not hesitate to contact us.

 The size of the TS2 modular system is 1.8 x 2.4 metre per bag. If this solution is to be used around a 40 – 44 ft trailer (either curtainsider or flatbed trailer) the requirement of 3 to 5 per side with 2 at its foot. This then gives an additional 2.4 metres around the whole of the trailer and gives ultimate safety feature, which is also moveable. The TS2 modular system can be palletised also, the pallet can then be lifted by a pump truck or fork lift truck, which ever you have at your disposal on your site, making this the

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