British Mongrel Urban Desi Clothing

British Mongrel Urban Desi Clothing from British Mongrel

By: British Mongrel  27/07/2011
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British Mongrel designs celebrate the mongrel nation that is the Britain we love. Angles, Saxons, Normans. Vikings, Romans, Germans. South Asians, Africans, Caribbean. A whopping 95% of us are descended from foreign immigrants. White, black, and everything in between. And we think that’s great.
We’re a mixed bag and at British Mongrel we don’t care what colour your bag is. It’s what covers your bag that we’re into.
British Mongrel designs are drawn from a mosaic of influences that make up the state of Being British. From a World War II Spitfire to our Karma attitude to life. Whatever kind of Brit you are - you’ll recognise 
yourself here. Help us celebrate the ethnic and 
cultural kaleidoscope that makes Britain unique.

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