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By: Selmor  17/03/2011
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Here’s the Technical Answer

A QR Code is a two dimentional matrix barcode, readable by dedicated QR barcode readers and smart phones which have a QR reader application installed.  QR is the abbreviation for Quick Response.

Invented in 1990′s and intended to be docoded at high speed QR means Quick Response.  The information encoded can be text, URL or other data.  The code is arranged as a black and white square pattern as shown.

QR codes are huge in Japan, they are everywhere and every smartphone owner knows how to use them.  After Japan, the US has the highest useage of mobile barcodes and UK is rapidy catching up, currently 5th in the world.

The Non Technical Answer

The idea behind its use in mobile phones is so the user does not have to type in a long url to visit a web page for more inbformation about a given product/offer/discount/coupon/trial/testdrive/new range/etc.  You will need to have a QR reader app installed on your phone so you can scan the code.  Most new phones have them already – otherwise they are free to download and install.

This is where it gets really exciting and the excitement is going to grow massively over the next year or so as more and more business’s latch on to the marketing opportunities they provide.

By simply letting your phone camera see the qr code; (normally no clicking is required) you are whisked away to what ever information the product owner wants you to see.

This further information is where you the product/service owner has an opportunity to add value to your prospects experience and increase yout likelihood of a sale.

Basic ideas for QR codes – put it on your flyers, business cards or any printable material, even products displayed in your premesis.  Shoppers want to know what further information the code will provide

*On a Business Card
*On a Bill or Receipt
*Thank You Note
*Checkout Letter (Hotel or Motel)
*Invoice or Statement
*Customer Christmas Cards
*Last frame of a YouTube Video

Can you think of any more?

Beyond that, here’s a list of what some companies have used QR codes for:

* As part of a contest
* As a method for getting reviews
* A scavenger hunt promotion
* A way to send mobile users to watch a video (promotional, educational or otherwise)
* A way to get mobile users to sign a petition
* A way for customers to accumulate rewards

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