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By: Selmor  17/03/2011
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Facebook marketing has grown exponentially over the last 18 months since it was introduced.  The main reason for its super growth is firstly because of its reach, becoming 2nd most trafficked website on the planet at the time of writing.  It gets roughly 38% of all internet users visiting the site every month and has over 500 million members as of July 2010.  Facebook marketing was a natural progression of this growth because if you want to get your message in front of people you need to go to where those people hang out.   Secondly, unlike google advertising where you can only target users by what they type into the search box or what content they are reading, facebook marketing has the ability to offer laser sharp targeting of your ads which means less wasted advertising budget which in turn gives a better return on investment.

Facebook Marketing Pages or fan pages are the ideal way to interact with your customers, in some ways better than having your own website.  Let me explain further:  Have you noticed a lot of big companies with facebook logos on their websites?  Have you noticed that a lot of companies as well as their web address show you their facebook page address?  and on the left click the image to view the real thing.

The advantage of doing this is simply users on facebook have friends, lots of them, most of them live local to them and you too.  If a customer hits the like button on your page (if it is set up right they will) all their friends see that they have liked your page and come and visit to see what is on offer (friendly curiosity) many of them will hit the like button and you now have access to their friends also and so it grows virally and all local to your business.

So how do you get all these folks to like your page?

Ideally you should make an offer on the page, something of value to them which they will get free by simply liking your page, it is common practice and Facebook users are used to hitting the like button.  The thing to remember, is once they like your page, Facebook will tell them every time you update the page thus bringing them back time and time again to see your latest offering.

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