By: ABC Driver Training  03/07/2012
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Dear Peter, I have a "tiny" headache this morning after celebrating our success, I still can not believe it is done and dusted - I did post a short review on Freeindex this morning. On reflection it is starting to sink in, really how much was achieved in the short time I was training with you. This can only lead to one of two conclusions - 1. I am very good 2. You are very good. I will concede that 2 is the truth - you really made difficult things easy and achievable with concise instructions and firm discipline, without becoming impatient. I am very grateful that I had to redo my test as it showed me how bad I have been driving for the past 30 years. Your hints and tips for parking, field vision and cornering are gems that I will not forget and surely put into practise. Besides passing my test with what I consider very good marks, I also feel that I have gained a friend out of this, all included in the price. Once again thanks a lot for the training and I hope to catch up soon for further conversation, beers and steaks Rob --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have recently completed a 7 day driving course with ABC Driver Training and would really recommend them. On deciding to go ahead and take an intensive course I began to search the Internet for options. I came across ABC Driver Training's website and found it to be very professional, informative and honest - they really stressed how intensive the course would be and what type of person it would suit. I also really liked the fact that their courses were 1 to 1, as I didn't like the idea of being paired with another leaner and having to share driving time! Peter (my instructor) was fantastic, he has a great teaching style and really puts you at ease. I learnt so much on the course, it is very intensive and I did find it very tiring, but if you are prepared to put the effort in, it is most definately worth it, as I ended up passing my driving test the first time! Whilst staying in the hotel I met other learner drivers that had booked with other companies and hearing their stories made me pleased that I decided to book with ABC Driver Training. One person failed his theory test and was then unable to be booked in for his practical, one, on the day of her driving test had still not been advised/shown any of the show me/ tell me questions and another ended up having her driving test in Manchester - yet she had never driven there! I would really recommend ABC and I cannot thank them enough. Kimberley. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Peter, Thanks it was great, Mark was really helpful and always gave practical examples of why things are done in a certain order or why they are done at all. This was quite good because I'm the type that needs to visualise things for it to stick so it worked out brilliantly. ABC Driver Training course was really useful, they gave me the skills and knowledge I needed to pass my driving test on my first attempt. I did the intensive driving course and it really is a lot better than just driving for 1 or 2 hours a week as you can take what you learned on the previous day and push on from there. They were very professional and helpful all the way through, with an emphasis on safety and as I lived locally, getting picked up and dropped off at home before and after lessons was really convenient. Thanks, Luqman

Keywords: Automatic Driving Lessons, Course Driving Lessons, development