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By: The Holistic Coach House   03/01/2011
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 Reiki: £25.00 session

Reiki Is a healing system which originates form Japan and is was developed by Dr Mikao Usui in the 19th Century. Whilst Usui was attending a spiritual retreat including fasting and prayer, he received his initiation to Reiki.
From this life changing experience, Usui developed the system of Reiki healing. Dr Usui initiated Dr Hayashi, who in turn initiated Mrs Takata. Mrs Takata is said to be the person responsible for introducing this technique to the western world.

Universal life force or “Chi” is channelled thought the therapists hands to the client. The energy received by the client helps activate the body’s own ability to heal itself and can work on physical, mental and spiritual levels.

Reiki energy can assist in many aspects of life, including healing situations; healing people, animals and plants. Reiki works on all levels: physical, mental and spiritual.

Reflexology : £25.00 session

The origin of Reflexology is still debateable but is believed to have first been practiced in Egypt, India and China. The Western world is now quite familiar with what reflexology involves and is a frequently used therapy running alongside conventional medicine or as a stand alone treatment.

Reflexology is a treatment where the therapist applies pressure with the fingertips to specific points on the feet. The theory behind reflexology is that each pressure point of the foot relates to a specific part/ system of the body. When the therapist applies pressure to the points of the feet, they may feel a crystalline substance; where this substance is found is an indication that there is blockage in the body’s systems. By working on this area to eradicate the crystals in the foot, the body will rebalance itself and initiate the body’s own ability to heal itself.


Note: Reiki and Crystal Healing combinations can also be provided - £25.00 session

Crystal Healing: £25.00 session

When energies are are out of balance, whether on a physical, mental or spiritual level, crystals will have a tendency to correct and rebalance the energies of the user/ client. The elemental energy of the crystals add to the user’s energy to create a state of balance and harmony when the user places the intention to do so. All crystals have their own unique healing properties.
Crystals can be used in a practical way and are effective tools for healing on all levels. Crystals can be used in all aspects of life and assist in understanding the self and development of the soul, psychic awareness, as well as everyday ailments and chronic illness. Crystal healing can be experienced as an alternative therapy, or alongside conventional medicine

Indian Head Massage: £25.00 session

The procedure for Indian Head Massage involves massage on the back, neck, shoulders, arms, head and face. This gentle and non-invasive treatment has proved effective in treating many ailments assisting in creating a feeling of well- being, providing stress relief and relaxation. Some of the health benefits include: better concentration and clarity of mind; releases/ eases muscle tension/ backache; balances hormones; improves circulation; promotes hair growth and improves hair condition; treats sinus conditions; relief form migraines and headaches.

Swedish Body Massage- Back, neck and shouders: £20.00 session

Natural, organic base oils or pre-mixed aromatherpay oils are used

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