By: Crown Tree Surgeons  21/11/2009
Keywords: garden services, forestry, tree surgery

tree showing signs of decay or structural weakness is a real worry for the owner of the land on which it stands……he is normally liable for any damage it causes. The courts expect the land or property owner to inspect trees regularly and get specialist guidance on symptoms and safety.

Tree owners must also be aware of pruning or felling a tree subject to a tree preservation order. It is an offence to do so without permission from the planning authority responsible for the order. It is also an offence to prune a tree in a conservation area without giving the local planning authority 6 weeks notice, and also with certain exceptions, it is an offence to fell trees without first obtaining a felling licence from the forestry authority. Crown has vast experience in dealing with local and forestry authorities.

We are able to provide a service from the initial survey and management plans to implementing any work that is required.

Keywords: forestry, garden services, Tree Surgeons, tree surgery