Travertine Filler Epoxy Paste Repair Kit

Travertine Filler Epoxy Paste Repair Kit from Stickwithus Limited

By: Stickwithus Limited  06/10/2010
Keywords: floor tiles, Adhesive Supplier, Tile Adhesive Supplies


Granfix Travertine Filler/Repair Kit

Travertine, although beautiful, often has small holes and cracks that can fill with dirt and debris.   Traditionally, grout has been used to fill these fissures but this can break up over time in such shallow depressions.

To overcome these imperfections, Granfix Travertine Epoxy Filler has been formulated which smoothes the problem areas quickly and easily.   Once applied, the two part paste sets to leave a hard wearing solution that looks good too.    Non-slump and resistant to damp substrates, Travertine Filler can also be used to repair cracks in travertine stone.

Granfix Travertine filler is resistant to most everyday chemicals, sewage, urine, fresh water, sea water, diluted and concentrated alkalis, diluted acids, ammonia, mineral/vegetable and animal fats.

TUB A - Resin Component - 500g

TUB B - Hardener Component - 500g

Tub A and Tub B are mixed in equal weights or volumes and will cover 1.1m per pack at a depth of 1.5mm

Colour: Buff

1 unit = 1 kg pack including Tub A and Tub B

Keywords: Adhesive Supplier, floor tiles, Tile Adhesive Supplies