Nail Enhancements & Spray Tanning

By: TracyBS'ssss Beauty Hands, Tans 'n' Feet  09/10/2010
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Manicure Cuticles are Pushed back, the nail is then shaped, base coat then colour applied  then Top Coat, and finished with Cuticle oil.

Luxury Manicure A luxurious  Treatment for the Hands. Cleanse, exfoliate, mask and moisturise, leaving the hands smoother, firmer and more attractive, finished off with nails being shaped and polshed

Pedicure Cuticles are cared for with oil and cream, the nail shaped, base coat and polish applied for a perfect finish.

Luxury Pedicure Feet are cleansed and exfoliated, a mask and moisture applied. Nail shaped, base coat and polish applied.

Hand & Feet Paraffin Wax Treatment's The warm paraffin is one of the most effective ways of applying heat to decrease inflammation of joints and connective tissues, soothe the pain from arthritis and improve circulation.Once the wax has hardened, it can be pulled off in one solid piece. Since paraffin is soft plus the inclusion of oil, it does not adhere to the skin. But rather, after it is peeled, the skin is left slick and soft. This treatment is highly recommended for those with seasonally dry skin. It also works for cracked heels and knuckles or any damage caused by shoes like minor callous. Sit back and relax with your feet up and feel the tension leave you.

Hollywood Toes Using either a soak off gel or a Hard Gel and glitter of your choice, lasts 4 - 6 weeks, maybe longer depending on natural nail growth.

Sculpts Acrylic is used to extend  the nail, on a fitted form. No tips or adhesives are used, it follows the curve of the natural nail, Sculptered nails are a real Artform

Tips Tips are applied to give length,then cut to required length, and are overlaid with acrylic/Gel and finished of with a Gel Topcoat.

Overlay For naturally long nails, Acrylic/Gel is applied over the top of your natural nail to give strenght.

Nail Biters You to can have lovely nails, it is done Via the Reverse Method which is doing the Pink first which builds a free edge and then the White is butted up to the Pink and it wont be long till you have nice nails of your own as they will grow underneath, Nail Biters need to come back once a week for the first 2/3 week as your nails will grow faster.

Infills An Infill is to fill the gap that appears between your cuticle and your artificial nail through natural nail growth. This is done using the same products and is recommended every 2-3  weeks, depending on your regrowth.Applying cuticle oil is recommended to keep enhancements flexible, to prolong their life and to reduce breakage.

Re-Balance This Is where the white has grown out and is showing the natural smile line, and also the strength of the nail has moved forward, again depends on how fast your nails grow.

Repairs Repairs carried out to damaged nailswhich can be anything from a chip or crack in the nail or even a lost Nail.

A lovely Spray Tan that will last up to 7 days if well moisturised and looked after. I have diferent %'s as not everybody Tans the same some need  5% some  8% ect ect.

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