Duvets & Pillows Online has grown to become a key player in international markets for duvets and pil

By: Duvets And Pillows Online  29/08/2011
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Since last 3 months we have followed Duvets and Pillows Online from its launch to present and we’ve discovered what really makes them successful in selling duvets and pillows. Raza Muneer, the lead owner of the business explains that “its all to do with its new Business Model in place that can automatically adjust to meet the changing markets.” Looking closer into his model we were amazed to find that a simple business idea has resulted in a dramatic increase in sales and profits with his Business Model. After studying from the University of Manchester, Raza Muneer undertook several roles in companies and voluntary organisations. He realized that many of such organisations were running on out-dated business philosophy as well as failing Business Models. He combined his knowledge from the University and combined it with a new business model in order to develop it into a successful business theory. The model is based on stakeholder theory which Raza states “everyone is a stakeholder.” The aim of the business is to distribute its profits equally with all stakeholders. The stakeholders involve schools, developing countries, new business start-ups (for finance), and local communities. We were surprised to see how well the model worked that resulted in large online sale of its duvets and pillows. With EU demand rising Duvets and Pillows Online has expanded to cover Scandinavia, Germany, and France. As Duvets and Pillows Online is a virtual business, it has developed international network of suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers. The idea selling duvets and pillows is simple, yet Duvets and Pillows Online has shown their quality duvets and pillows may be revolutionising the management theories of 21st century. We will continue to follow them and be part of their success story.

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