HID Xenon Conversion Kit for any car

HID Xenon Conversion Kit for any car from AutoWhizz

By: AutoWhizz  09/07/2009
Keywords: LED, car styling, led strips


General Operating Temperature :-40 to
Steady State light Output: 3000 lumens typical ,bulb type dependant
Turn on Light Output:  >70%at 2 secs, >85% at 3 secs
Expected Ballast Life: >3500 hrs
Radiated EMI Susceptibility: S95/54/EC
Radiated EMI Emissions: S 95/54/EC
Cooling: Air cooled
Maximum Cable Cable Length:
Output Wave Form:125 Hz square wave
Steady State Output Power:35W
Open Lamp Circuit Protection: Latch off after 1 second
Shot Circuit Protection: Latch off after 1 second
Maximum Output Current: initial lamps on, next 2 secs
Maximum Output Power:80W
Steady State Output Volts:85V
Striking voltage: 23000V
Flickering: No flickering: during steady status
Electrical Input
Steady State Input Voltage: 9~16 V
Max in Rush Current: @ 50ms, at 2secs
                Decreasing to Steady state within 30 secs
Max Steady State Input Power: 45W (9 to 16V)
Input Turn On: 9 V and above  
Input Turn Off: Below 8 V  
Reverse Voltage Protection: No damage to ballast with -40V
Conducted EMI Susceptibility: S95/54/EC  
Conducted EMI Emission: S95/54/EC  
Compact Size: 80 X 70 X  
Efficiency: Over 90% during steady status

Parameters of lamps:
A: Color Temperature: 3000K; 4200K; 5000K; 6000K; 10000K; 12000K
B: Output: 35 Watt
C: Starting Voltage: 23 KV
D: Lumen: 3200LM
E: Life: 3000 Hours
F: AS for H4 Hi/Lo lamps, the ray axis can be control forward and backward for , and up and down for .
G: Model available: H1,H3,H7,H4,H4H/L,9004,9005,9006,9007,H
A complete set of HID conversion kits includes:
A: Two pieces of lamps;
B: two ballasts,;
C: all accessories: (Securing Metal plates, Screws.)
D: Installation Instruction Manual, warrantee card.
E: A piece of power harness.  (For H4 H/L models only)


Keywords: car styling, HID Kit, LED, led strips