How to Produce Biodiesel at Home

How to Produce Biodiesel at Home from The Brook Group

By: The Brook Group  04/02/2011
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Diesel just keeps getting more and more expensive 

And the price will only go one way and that is up ! 

Many garages are now charging well over £1.30 a litre   That is around £6.00 per Gallon of Diesel !

But did you know you can produce your own diesel fuel at home  in a way that is much less expensive and perfectly legal ? If you fill your car with 50 litres of Diesel today it will cost you around £65.00If you fill the same car with 50 litres of Biodiesel produced at home from waste oil it will cost you around £10.00 a massive saving of £55.00 per tank !!

Diesel prices will never be as cheap as they once were and with the raw materials becoming  more expensive and harder to find the price you pay at the pump is set to rise steadily

Act now and see some substantial savings on your fuel bill  and help the environment at the same time Using our detailed guide you can save lots of moneyby making your own biodiesel at home  We show you step by step how to convert new and waste vegetable and cooking oil into clean green Biodiesel that will save you money and safeguard you against fuel price rises   

As a home Bio Diesel producer you have the satisfaction of knowing that the fuel that you produce could cost you as little as 90p a gallon (under 20p a litre) if you use waste oil We tell you where to find waste oil for free and in some cases people will pay you to take their waste oil away ! You may also decide to use new oil which you can obtain in bulk and evenwith new oil the savings are very worthwhile As well as the cost savings consider that Biodiesel is non-toxic and less polluting than regular forecourt garage diesel.

The time you need to spend to make your own fuel is not too demanding In a couple of hours you could produce a new 100 litre batch of high quality Biodiesel  Make your own Biodiesel, save a small fortune on pump prices and not be so dependant on the oil companies 

Detailed step by step instructions will guide you through the process.  We tell you where to get the materials you need and the suppliers in the United Kingdom who supply the simple equipment needed to make your own Biodiesel at home  

We tell you how to make it safely and how to choose the right type of equipment This is important as there is a lot of dangerous and unsafe equipment being sold Making biodiesel is not difficult but making good quality biodiesel that works well in unmodified cars requires a little knowledge and experience of the process For a high mileage motorist filling your tank at 90p a gallon does not seem to hurt as much as handing over up to £100 for a full tank of fuel ! Users of our guide have reported savings of up to £2000 a year using home produced Biodiesel !  

We make Biodiesel every day so we know what we are talking about Please beware of guides from the USA or adapted guides that are not suitable for the UK market - our guide is written in the UK for the UK motorist Pay no more tax on your diesel - yes it is true home produced biodiesel for personal use does not attract Tax or Duty in the UK  ! You may also not be affected by rises in VAT if you use waste oil   Is it safe to make Biodiesel at Home ? The short answer is yes - as long as you follow the heath and safety information in our guide Is it safe to use Bio Diesel in my car and will my car need modifications ? Most diesel vehicles will run perfectly on good quality Biodiesel without modifications in fact some engines work better on biodiesel than more conventional fuels You also know that by producing your own fuel at home that it is free from contamination and impurities You would be surprised how dirty forecourt fuel can be and that is not good for modern car engines

So are you ready to get started ?Yes - then all you need to do is purchase our guide which you will receive in the form of an ebook for you to print at home  By printing your own book you are saving money The cost of the complete step by step guide written specifically for the UK is far less than the savings on your first tank of fuel !If you fill your car with 50 litres of forecourt diesel it will cost you around £65.00If you fill the same car with 50 litres of Bio Diesl produced at home from waste oil it will cost you around £10.00  A massive saving of £55.00 per tank !! Using part of the first tank £55.00 saving to purchase our guide makes sense and with ourcomplete guide costing just £14.99 you still have £40.00 to spend on whatever you wish Yes you did read this correctly our complete UK Guide for a limited period is just £14.99 !  

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