Unit 3 Leadership

By: Pitman Training Preston  03/11/2009
Keywords: personal development

Develop and enhance your leadership skills. This unit looks at the development of practical leadership skills, within the rapidly changing work environment. It provides you with a great opportunity to explore in-depth the attributes and skills of successful leaders. Using established principles and practical examples, you will be able to apply leadership theories and models to specific situations and to learn how leadership skills can be developed.

If you do not wish to take the whole unit, you can choose just one module.

Different leadership attributes and skills - Module 1. Do you know what kind of leader you are? Do you know what emotional intelligence is and how it can help you as a manager? The module examines various vital leadership topics and includes various exercises to develop your leadership skills.

Current theories, models and principles of leadership - Module 2. Examine key ideas of leadership. This module will also provide you with tools for analysis and self-assessment. Various activities are included to balance theory with practical action.

Development of Leadership Skills - Module 3. You will investigate the team leader’s role in supporting and maintaining a positive working environment and how your style of leadership can affect this. Learn relevant team consultation skills and how to encourage whole team participation in meetings. You will build up your skills as a leader, examining and evaluating a range of methods for leadership development, and reflecting on which methods would be most useful for you.

Keywords: personal development