Unit 2 Communication in the workplace

By: Pitman Training Preston  03/11/2009
Keywords: personal development

Develop your communication skills as a manager. Effective communications are vital to the success of any organisation, to ensure understanding, involvement and commitment to organisational policies and procedures.

Organisations today often need to change their policies and procedures to survive in the developing local and global economies. It is important for managers to realise the importance of sound communication practice and systems to ensure the effective development and dissemination of new ideas and decisions for change.

This unit will help you explore the links between good communications and the development of workforce understanding and commitment to change by considering what is meant by good communications practice. It will then help you look at your communication skills as well as how to improve links between your team, other parts of the organisation and beyond.

If you do not wish to take the whole unit, you can choose just one module.

Communication in an organisation - Module 1. Explore the range of processes of communication used within a team. You will learn how to analyse communication barriers and team weaknesses. You will also learn how to make recommendations for improvement.

Interpersonal Communication - Module 2. You will learn how to improve your own written and oral communication skills through study and a range of activities. You will develop other communication skills, including presentation skills, meetings management, networking, conferencing. You will also develop and justify a plan for the implementation of improvements.

Managing Internal and External Workplace Communication - Module 3. You will develop the skills needed to plan agreed improvements to workplace communications; to implement the plan and develop appropriate measures to monitor and evaluate success.

Keywords: personal development