IT Technical Training (Tutor led) Upgrading Web Development skills from APS to Microsoft ASP. NET

By: Pitman Training Preston  17/11/2009
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 This course provides students with the knowledge and skills that are needed to successfully upgrade their existing Active Server Pages (ASP) skills, as well as upgrading their Web applications, to Microsoft ASP.NET.

Aims and Objectives Describe the key differences between ASP and ASP.NET. Create an ASP.NET Web application by using Microsoft Visual Studio® .NET. Create an ASP.NET Web Application UI. Use the trace feature of ASP.NET to obtain information about executed requests. Use the Visual Studio .NET debugger to debug ASP.NET Web applications. Access databases in an ASP.NET Web application by using Microsoft ADO.NET. Create and call a COM object from an ASP.NET Web page. Explain how XML Web services is beneficial to distributed Internet computing. Create an XML Web service by using Visual Studio .NET. Create client code that can create and call a remote XML Web service. List server and client-side state management techniques and explain how ASP.NET improves state management. Use the ASP.NET Application object to track data that is associated with an ASP.NET Web application. Use the ASP.NET Session object to track data that is associated with an individual user session. Use the ASP.NET HttpCookie object to store client-side data. Explain what approach would be the best for migrating a ASP Web application to ASP.NET. given a specific ASP Web application scenario. Implement Forms-based authentication in an ASP.NET Web application. Prepare an ASP.NET Web application for deployment. Access and display Extensible Markup Language (XML) data in an ASP.NET Web application. Use caching to improve Web application performance.

Keywords: seminars, technical training, training centre, tutorial