By: North West Animal Behaviour Solutions  06/03/2011
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Ozzie, 15 month old American Staffordshire Bull Terrier.


" Ozzie is a lovely natured dog, but was always very stressy and anxious when I took him to different places. After fracturing his leg he started barking and lunging at other dogs we met when he was on his lead, off the lead he was fine. Michelle was very understanding and helped me understand that Ozzie was feeling vulnerable and anxious due to the trauma of breaking his leg. We spent time with Michelle over the park where she fitted Ozzie with a Halti head collar which helped me gain more control of Ozzie and also how I should respond to his unwanted behaviour. She also showed me how to change his response to other dogs, using clicker training and counter conditioning. We have also started using pheromone therapy to help Ozzie feel more relaxed in different situations. Ozzie is a much more happier dog, and I feel I have more control of him. I will continue to use the techniques Michelle has taught me. Thank you Michelle!"

Miss D Crosbie - Bury

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