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Bridge Service from Madisson Studios

By: Madisson Studios  01/06/2014
Keywords: creativity, Bridge, Remote Design Service

What is Bridge? Bridge is Madisson Studios exclusive service to our customers in response to the lack of time we all have to go through designs on screen. Instead; we come to you! With technology becoming more and more powerful and all the more portable, we've decided to invest time and money into a service that will most help you in bringing the design studio to a place you feel most comfortable whether it be in the office, conference room or café... we'll come to you kitted out with all of our hardware and internet, but all where you feel most comfortable. How can this help you? Well, in our experience sometimes coming out of the office for our customers is a welcome relief... but in most cases, they simply had to shoe-horn the visit into their busy schedules and still have to take calls and juggle their workload whilst they were with us - not an ideal situation. But with the Bridge Service sm, this isn't a problem we come to you and let us work around your schedule. How does it work? Very easy! Simply ring up or email the studio at the following address: [email protected] > mention you'd like us to nip by at a time best suited to you and give us a rough idea of what you'd like us to go through with you > we'll give you a time scale and book you in, that's it! Now an aspect that is very often over looked by customers is the cost. If we could make the cars run on air and never breakdown, we'd love to say we can offer this service for free. However, we cannot and so because of this we do have to charge 0.50p per mile, however below is a breakdown of how we would work it out at the studio and how it will appear on the invoice - very simple. Below is only for illustration purposes of the calculation we would travel from Preston to Garstang. Preston to Garstang 13.3 miles* x 0.50p** = £6.65 * - Miles travelled ** - The cost of petrol and maintenance on the car.

Keywords: Bridge, creativity, Remote Design Service