Coat-X Spray On Protective Coating And Our Commercial Spray Shop

Coat-X Spray On Protective Coating And Our Commercial Spray Shop from Helios Horseboxes

By: Helios Horseboxes  21/10/2010
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As coachbuilders and horsebox manufacturers our commercial spray shop department, with over 30 years of paint experience in both the commercial vehicle and the aerospace (military and commercial aircraft) industries, has proved invaluable. Rather than manufacture a horsebox to completion then drive off premises to have it painted we paint at each stage of the build process. This increases the quality of our finished product in both looks and longevity. Horseboxes notoriously rot from the underside of the skirt up. As part of our commitment to building an unrivaled name in quality with the Helios brand our commercial spray shop team paint every Helios at the sub frame stage with 3 coats of protective paint. At the end of the build process when the horsebox enters the spray shop again for full painting they spray the underside once more, painting any added parts, then Waxoyl the whole underside. This attention to detail is only one item that sets us apart from others.
We use the highest quality materials to finish our builds and resprays. Our paint procedures include full preparation, etch primer, 2k HS primer, base coat (metallic) and 2k clearcoat or 2k solid colour. We can use metal flake in the clearcoat if desired. Vinyl decals can be designed to your own personal choice or we can design them for you.

Not only do we spray our own new builds, we have a good turnover of horsebox resprays. We take great pride in finishing our horseboxes in a high quality product. Our attention to detail is second to none. The same applies to our repainting for tractor units, box/panel vans, cement mixers, tippers and flatbeds.

We carry out non-major repairs prior to repainting. The coachbuilding workshop will undertake major alterations and repairs to your requirements. Static items are easily accommodated in our two thermostatically controlled spray shops. The larger of the two areas enables us to work on most vehicles.

Coat-X fulfils all the requirements for our quality horse areas and on our horsebox ramps. Because it is totally water proof and sprayed on at high temperatures it seals every part. It looks fantastic after each wash and is very hard wearing and light. We have used this product for years and other manufacturers are now following our lead. It is down to solid research, investment in machinery and our committed conscientious team of sprayers, that the finish in our Helios horse areas and ramps are at the forefront in our industry. We have been so busy with this product from the start that we started a new business . We offer the Coat-X polyurea resin spray-on protective coating, as an alternative to heavy rubber mats and kick sheet, to customers with existing horseboxes and to those with horseboxes being built by other manufacturers . This is another area where we lead the way with other manufacturers having ramps and horse areas sprayed at our workshops.

Coat-X polyurea resin spray-on protective coating is a tried and tested system and a very versatile coating product. It offers corrosion resistance, waterproofing as well as abrasion protection. It removes the need for gluing or screwing a wall covering into the horse area and also removes the need for heavy mats on the floor. Because Coat-X is sprayed over the whole ramp surface, walls and floor in the horse area it is completely waterproof. Our granules in the top surface allow grip whilst letting water run between hoofs or shoes and the ramp surface. The finish is extremely neat, not affected by sun or heat and looks like new after each washing.

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