Kitchen Designer with designer showroom with over 15 displays

Kitchen Designer with designer showroom with over 15 displays from B B Home Design

By: B B Home Design  08/09/2010


Professional Design Service - High Quality Kitchens

BB Home Design of Lancashire offers a very professional service in creating the “perfect” kitchen. The “perfect kitchen begins at the design stage. We have a team of award winning designers who between them have extensive experience in the art of creating the perfect kitchen for each of their clients.

This process is achieved by a simple system:

  • In depth discussion with the client.
  • Listen to the client’s needs and requirements.
  • Make the client feel at ease and involved at all times.
  • BB Home Design will work with your Architect, Developer or Builder

We offer a full home consultation service, this can be either direct with you, or in conjunction with your Architect or Interior Designer.

Once we have established all our client’s requirements, we prepare a in depth floor plan, together with a "3D" visualisation of the proposed new kitchen. Included is also a fully detailed quotation. BB Home Design will provide for the Architect, Developer, or Builder Full Detailed Plans.


  • Kitchen Plan (1:20 Scaled A3 Plans)
  • Worktop Plan (Corian/Granite/Staron/Tempest)
  • Plumbing Plan (Requirements for Pressures/C: Water
  • Gas Plan (Requirements For CORGI Gas Regulations)
  • Electric Plan (Requirements For Part P Electrical Regulations)

BB Home Design are fabricators of the solid surfaces Corian, Staron and Tempest.