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By: Webserveruk  24/09/2010
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Search Engine Optimisation gets your website found for your keywords and with our low cost search marketing services you cant go wrong we operate throughout the whole Uk with associate offices in Blackpool Manchester and London

Early search engine optimisation is a must do and requires you get every page of your website indexed with the major search engines in the first instance. Getting your website found on search networks depends on many different criteria, all are important just some more than others.

When a search is made on the Internet the search engine comes back with lots of web sites for you to consider the one's it comes back with first ( Page One ) are the higher ranked sites for the keywords placed in the search box usually there are dozens of pages of web sites that the search engine shows you from page one to infinity well experts tell us that the majority of web shoppers use a web site shown on that first page of links so if your site is among the first page listings you have a good chance of getting fare more customers than a business that's way down on page two or three just where potential customers seldom ever go.

Here you will find a few way's we achieve higher ranking results with our Search Engine Optimisation service

If nobody sees you, nobody knows you exist and your message is lost to your competitors, they will benefit and you will sink without trace if you're not careful those who make their products and services more accessible will always win so how you get to the top of  Search Engine rankings is obviously the most important question.

No-one can guarantee Search engine optimisation will get your site on page one but good SEO will certainly help, where dose your traffic come from,how do you get your site found, Programs such as Google analytics  found in Google webmaster tools will reveal how those web visitors came to you did they click through from a search engine? If so, what keyword brought them to you? or, did they come from a particular website that links to yours? Your stats will reveal all.

From the start good forward website planning and overall design the “bones” of the website if you like, how the site is put together the content, the text for the market you wish to target all of these areas should be looked at before the website is built, now that is well and good if your planning to optimise a site from scratch it’s easy but what about the website that’s been around a while, Don’t Worry WebServerUK can help with some expert tweeking, the additional piece of code here and there changing some text looking at meta tags fixing broken links can all go a long way most websites can be optimised provided the website designer has put the “Bones” in place to work with, unfortunately on some occasions a complete rebuild is necessary due to the website quality framed websites in particular are hard work and in most cases impossible, however all is not lost if you have a framed website we can always alter it to make it search engine friendly.

Content is King!

Page text content to site relevance is a major part of the optimisation process the content of each page should be keyword rich without going over the top for specific keyword targeting, follow that on with design, all image Alt Tags should be in place every picture may tell a story but without Alt image tags no one will see them H1,H2 Tags should be found and also a site map with links which is of great importance to spiders that crawl your site, internal links should be checked to find if any are broken, the speed in which your site uploads is also of importance, meta keyword tags should reflect page content and when all these checks have been made and no mistakes found submission to search engines should begin manually at first for best results, directory inclusion such as dmoz is also valuble linking to other websites in the same business does add value to site ranking as long as they reflect the business you are in, don’t go down the path of thinking all links are good links or the more links the better this is just not true and can seriously hinder optimisation, fast track black hat techniques are an absolute No no! unless you want your Website and IP address barred.

Now your website is in good shape lets look at site indexing, this process can take a while and is dependent on how many websites are targetting your keywords and how long they have been established and how well if at all they have been optimised don’t think for one minute your website will appear on page one in a few days unless your very lucky it won’t but if you are targeting a specific area it’s a lot quicker and easier to get a site ranked, most of your competitors will not have applied SEO techniques this is why it’s important, get it done right and you will always stay that one step ahead of your competition.

WebServerUK design and deploy our solutions specifically to meet the exact needs of not simply your website but more importantly your business objectives.

For a FREE website health check call Webserveruk on Blackpool 01253 885925 or leave your contact details we will look at your site and get back to you within 24 hours.

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Webserveruk have associate offices in Blackpool Manchester London and service the whole Uk

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