Readers offer of a free service*

Readers offer of a free service* from the refunds expert

By: the refunds expert  21/06/2009
Keywords: financial services, tax refunds, Tax Back

Although the case for "unfair Bank Charges" are on 'hold' for the majority of  bank customers, due to a loophole, hidden away in the small print of the banking code of practise, it is possible for anyone who can demonstate financial hardship to jump to the head of the queue and get their case dealt with. Although we normally work on a no-win, no-fee basis, we offer this service free-of-charge and only ask for a small £5.00 admin charge to cover staionery and postage. We don't want to make life any harder for anyone who can claim on the grounds of financial hardship. However, for anyone who wants to use this service, we are offering to waive this small fee for the first 10 applicants of "HOTFROG" if they quote "HOTFROGOFFER" when they apply. To take advantage of us, simply visit and leave your details and make sure you put HOTFROGOFFER in the details box...but be quick! P.s We will NEVER ask for your bank account, sort-code or password, either on the 'phone, by letter or email Promise!

Keywords: financial services, Free Tax Advice, Tax Back, tax refunds, unenforceable Loans