SMART Hopper

SMART Hopper from Innovative Technology Ltd

By: Innovative Technology Ltd  08/09/2010
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Ideal for all machines, the SMART Hopper eliminates the need for multiple hoppers and coin sorters as well as reducing the cost of handling coins internally. A high speed, high security, multi coin payout unit capable of accepting all coins passed through the coin mechanism, the SMART Hopper collects, discriminates and stores coins for future payout.

Operating at an industry leading 12 coins per second the SMART Hopper will revolutionize coin payment technology.

The host machine can set the desired coin values needed for payout and transfers all other values straight to the cashbox. Prior to collection the SMART Hopper transfers the excess coins to the cash box, leaving the desired float in the SMART Hopper. This self-regulating float ensures the host machine is able to payout as necessary whilst easing operator refill and collection.

The SMART Hopper pays out higher than conventional hoppers so customers no longer have to reach down to retrieve coins. This higher payout increases security and allows for a change in the design of the machine.

With inbuilt security features such as eSSP, a single coin entry point and modulated coin exit sensor, operators can have faith in the SMART Hoppers anti fraud mechanisms.

Ideal for all coin payment applications the SMART Hopper is recommended for AWP, Gaming, Self Serve & Retail, Vending, Kiosk, Casino, Ticketing and Parking applications.

Maintaining Innovative Technology's philosophy the SMART Hopper is exceptionally priced for its advanced level of functionality and technology.

A high speed, high security multi coin hopper the SMART Hopper has the ability to payout coins at a speed of 12 coins per second from up to 11 different denominations. With its self regulating float and large volume coin capacity the SMART Hopper sets new standards for coin payment technology

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