45mm Acoustic Foam Wedge Tile AFW45

45mm Acoustic Foam Wedge Tile  AFW45 from Comfortex Acoustic Foam

By: Comfortex Acoustic Foam  15/06/2011
Keywords: foam, Noise control, acoustic panels

Tiles are sold in packs of 30

5.42 square metres (58.3 square feet) per pack

Tile size 425mm x 425mm x 45mm
or 16.73 x 16.73 x 1.75 inches

(coverage 1.9sq ft per tile) The dimensions of the profiles are 13mm base rising 32mm to the top of the profile and the pitch between the peaks being 35mm

Can be attached with spray adhesive, evo stick contact or evo stick impact adhesives

All foam products supplied upon leaving our factory conform to the requirements of Schedule 1, part 1, of the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations, S.I. 1324 of 1988 (amended 1989)(Amd 1993), and are also suitable for applications requiring FMVSS302. The fatigue class is based on BS3379

The acoustic foam grade we use is specifically formulated for acoustic applications by one of the UK’s leading specialist foam manufacturers. it has been used for many years as the basic sound absorption foam due to its excellent performance for a wide range of applications. It may be used for acoustic enclosures, studio wall paneling, air handling units (AHU’s), air conducting, cab linings and just about any other application where a controlled acoustic sound level is required

CNC Profile Cut Open Cell Melamine Treated Grey Acoustic Foam, 25kg / m3 Density Foam which has a controlled permeability and open cell structure that gives optimum acoustic performance for a foam of this density. Hardness 125 to 155 Newton’s, Please note all polyurethane foam will react to UV light and can fade and yellow over time this however will in no way affect the foams sound absorption performance.

Below is the Foams Random Incidence Sound Absorption (Typical Results) Frequency (hz) to Relative Absorption Coefficient

125Hz 0.10
250Hz 0.29
500Hz 0.50
1000Hz 0.68
2000Hz 0.74
4000Hz 0.98

NRC 0.55

Sound dampening for small sized areas like vocal sound booths help prevent echo and improve acoustics and give a more pure sound response. This tile is also ideal for home recording studio applications,
home cinemas, server rooms etc.

Keywords: Acoustic Foam, Acoustic Material, acoustic panels, Acoustic Tiles, foam, Noise control

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