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By: Lee Johnson SEO  23/12/2008
Keywords: marketing, internet marketing, search engine optimisation

Did you know EVERY WEBSITE could work harder on the internet than it currently is; and convert more traffic ?

"Conversion is the key to any business model".

This is where a Website Audit Report or sometimes known as a website MOT comes in to it's own. It help's you understand what is working well and what could be worked on to get better traffic and conversions on your site. Yes, better traffic not more, many people get this very wrong when undertaking a website optimisation campaign.

Let me explain this in more detail: Large amounts of traffic is only good when the site viewer takes up one of your services or buy's a product, Lot's of traffic can help this but too many businesses miss-understand what traffic is all about. What I am getting at here is that business owners - marketers need to be more savvy with regard to what their visitors require and are looking for.

How will it help my visitor conversion ?

My Website Audit Report will look at your target audience and see what your site focuses on to see if we can lead traffic to the pages that your potentail customers are looking for in a more intuitive way. I explain what changes can be made to get traffic to the more important pages and so its more likely they will buy or takes up a service.

Conversion if far more important than lots of irrelivent non buying traffic. A Website Audit Report will explain all the things that you as the business owner or your webmaster can do to improve this.

How long will the Website Audit take to be done ?

Your Website Audit report will only take 5 working days to be completed for you. It will be sent by email in word format for your convenience. The audit can be sent by snail mail too on request.

To purchase a Website Audit report for your business website simply call me today.

The Audit is only £200. Call today on 0754 99 47477

Keywords: internet marketing, marketing, search engine optimisation, website marketing