Cat and Small Pet Sitting, and Pet Reiki in Central Manchester, Salford and around

Cat and Small Pet Sitting, and Pet Reiki in Central Manchester, Salford and around from Whiskers Pet Care

By: Whiskers Pet Care  22/09/2009
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When you go away, what do you do with your cats or other small pets?  You could take your cat to a cattery, and although most will care for your cherished pet extremely well, the fact is that cats are very territorial animals and are often quite stressed when removed from their home environment. 

Pet Sitting is a great alternative, and allows your pet to remain where they feel safe and comfortable, surrounded with all their familiar things and smells.  It's also far easier to leave any other small pets in their own home.

Whiskers Pet Care is owned and operated by me (Jean Davies), also an experienced and fully qualified Reiki practitioner, working almost exclusively with animals and their human carers. 

Reiki is a very gentle holistic treatment that enables healing energy to be delivered to the recipient, and can provide help with a whole range of issues.  It is known to speed up healing after an operation or illness, and can support an animal suffering from emotional and behavioural issues.  (Important note:  it is essential that you always take your pet to a qualified vet if there are any medical issues.) 

I've always got the Reiki energy with me, so this has a great benefit when coming to look after pets when human carers are away - helping them to remain happy, relaxed and calm.  I have so many lovely testimonials from regular clients happy to confirm this. 

I also volunteer at a local animal sanctuary, going to provide Reiki treatments to the residents in their care, about once a week. 

There's so much more that I could tell, but the best thing is to have a look at my website, where there is so much useful information.   Also, please have a look at my blog: - comments and your own stories welcome! 

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