Theraputic Massage Treatment

Theraputic Massage Treatment from Therapy Tuition

By: Therapy Tuition  22/10/2010
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MASSAGE is one of the oldest and simplest forms of medical care and is used to ease pain and promote good health.  Besides being a pleasurable experience a massage treatment can increase a person's physical awareness and sensitivity and can reduce levels of stress, tension and anxiety.  Massage has a calming effect upon the nervous system and aids in the relaxation of the body and in the focusing of the mind.

Massage has a number of established benefits, some of which are:-

• It helps to improve and maintain good posture

• It reduces muscle spasm, pain and tension by loosening tight muscles

• It helps to release endorphins, the body's natural painkillers to reduce pain

• It aids relaxation & therefore can bring about a reduction in anxiety

• It improves blood circulation

• It improves lymphatic drainage

• It improves mobility, flexibility and range of motion in the joints

• It can reduce swelling, caused by an accumulation of fluid in the tissues

• It can promote better sleep

• It can provide a feeling of amplified well-being

All of the massage therapists at Therapy Tuition are fully qualified and extremely experienced.

Gift Vouchers are available, which are a perfect present for birthdays, Christmas or to mark a special occasion, so treat someone you know to a massage treatment!

Treatment Prices

Half-Hour                  £17.00

Full Hour                  £28.00

One & a Half Hours   £40.00

Two Hours                £55.00

Keywords: massage, sports massage, therapeutic massage, therapy