Traffic Calming System

Traffic Calming System from Suilvision Limited

By: Suilvision Limited  26/09/2011
Keywords: Anpr, automatic number plate recognition, Traffic Cameras


Many councils are faced with a problem which is all too familiar to local authorities across the country, how to reduce the speed of traffic without the need for expensive road layout changes or tying up valuable police resource.

The Suilvision solution gives drivers a reminder that they are in a casualty reduction zone. The system includes a Variable Activated Sign (VAS) which has the ability to display a vehicle registration number as well as provide a reminder to the driver that they are exceeding the speed limit and should slow down.

The VAS is situated approximately 100 metres along the road from the HD ANPR camera. The camera is triggered by Radar which then transmits a wireless signal to the VAS which in turn illuminates the speed roundel and displays the vehicle registration number.

The whole system is designed to be quickly installed utilising a cabinet based pole for the camera and a smaller signal pole for the sign. Both parts simply require a mains power supply and ideally located on the footway or similar. The camera and sign are linked by radio transmitter.

In addition through the remote 3G communications the council have access to all the data gathered by the system including average speeds, particular vehicle speeds, individual repeat offenders to name but a few.

Keywords: Anpr, automatic number plate recognition, Automatic Number Plate Recognition System, Traffic Calming System, Traffic Cameras