acrylic nails

By: Spa Satori Ltd  13/10/2010
Keywords: Beauty treatments


acrylic tip and overlay nails (natural tips)                     90mins £50

Tip and overlay Nail extensions using natural tips, are more suited to clients wanting to create the look of their own natural nails, but with added length, and as the natural nail grows it will blend in with the natural tip allowing you to have longer out of your nail extensions.

acrylic tip and overlay nails (white french tips)                         90mins £45

Tip and overlay Nail extensions using a white tip are great for the client wanting to achieve a French look but who prefer a tip. The tips would be glued on to the natural nail and then a choice of pink or clear Acrylic would then be applied over the top to create a French polish look.

removal                                                                                                                30mins £10

Returning to the Salon to have a soak off is advisable when having your nail extensions removed, as this causes minimal damage to your natural nails and they are removed the correct and safest way. Your cuticles are then tided and nourished with oils.

Keywords: Beauty treatments