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By: Sizzle Media Online Ltd  26/10/2010
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Most people use search engines like Google, Yahoo or Ask to find things online. ‘ or SEO refers to the refining and promotion of websites with regards to achieving better rankings in search engine results pages. After all, what’s the point of having a website if nobody can find it?

If you’re looking at implementing SEO on your company’s site, you’ll likely come across businesses offering ‘guaranteed rankings’ or ‘instant results’. These kinds of results can only be achieved through dubious techniques such as spamming, hidden text, keyword stuffing, and link farming. The companies aren’t lying – these techniques can indeed get your site to the top of search engine rankings. But they’re using unethical and dubious means, and once the search engines discover the tactics (and they will), you’re likely to have your site permanently removed from their index. This means nobody will be able to find it, and the site will be made useless.

That’s why Sizzle only uses ethical techniques to promote your site. We build natural links from well-trusted, relevant, and UK-based sites, and we’ll never employ tactics like hidden text or keyword stuffing. Our behaviour is always entirely in-line with , promoting your site across the Internet in a natural, gradual way. This means our results last. We don’t make any unrealistic guarantees and we’re totally honest with our clients throughout the SEO process

At Sizzle’s studio, we keep SEO in mind throughout the entire development process. Each site we create is designed to be not only user-friendly, but search engine-friendly too. Many websites fail to rank on search engines due to sloppy coding, misuse of web technologies, and a lack of site promotion. Here at Sizzle, we use only industry-standard technologies and flawless coding to ensure that search engines can ‘see’ and index every single bit of content.

Keywords: manchester, professional web design, search engine optimisation, web design

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