Photo Manipulation

By: Restor8 Design Solutions  22/08/2010
Keywords: photo, image, Digital imaging

Photo Manipulation is a term for changing things in a photograph for example

you could have a family picture taken and just as the camera clicks granny's teeth fall out and ruins the look of the picture. Well don't worry she can be cut out of the picture or if you wanted to keep granny in the picture we could use a separate picture and add her in to the family pic making it look like she never left.

Its not just people you can change you can remove/change backgrounds maybe it a cold rainy day and you want to be on the beach in Australia well this possible or there is an ugly plant pot making your image look horrid it can be removed without any damage to the picture.

Or maybe you hate your uncle stan's new clothes and think he should have a Hawaiian shirt instead we can sort that.

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