CD of Relaxation/What is Counselling/Relationships

By: Lynda Spain  19/10/2009
Keywords: Counselling, THERAPIST, Bereavement Counselling

This relaxation tape is the ultimate in relaxation.  In guided image let yourself drift off to the soothing sounds of the counsellor's voice and let her take you to a journey where you will wake refreshed and ready for the World! 

Relationships is a small part of the CD where you can visit and reflect upon your relationships with everyone and especially an important relationship with YOURSELF.  Listen to the words and reflect and possibly make some changes.

What is Counselling?  Listen to this tape and reflect upon your understanding of what counselling is and maybe why you would like to change something about yourself, of your past, and maybe of your future.  The answer is inside you.  The working alliance between counsellor and client can help towards you making changes about yourself.

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Keywords: Assertiveness, Bereavement Counselling, Counselling, Individual Therapy, Stress Management Consultant, THERAPIST