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By:  25/03/2011
Keywords: musical instruments, wooden toys, bench are the largest online provider of the Schoenhut toy pianos. As well as the toy pianos, specialise in the half size real string pianos, the 37 key baby grand piano, upright pianos and half size real upright string pianos. offer a wide range of the toy pianos to suit all tastes as well as the Schoenhut child's first harp with bench. Toy pianos are a great way to introduce your child to music and a great start for piano where they are less intimidated by a full sized piano. The Schoenhut My First Toy Piano is a great way for toddlers to play the keys and develop a love for piano. With its beautiful chime like tones, the keys are full sized to encourage proper finger stretch so that they can easily transition to a full size piano later. The 44 key real string pianos are available where your child can reach the pedals, something that is encouraged by piano music teachers all the time. Visit

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Schoenhut 44 Key Real String Piano in White

Introduce your child to music