Schoenhut 44 Key Real String Piano in White

By:  25/03/2011
Keywords: musical instruments, bench, educational toys

 Schoenhut's revolutionary 44 key Baby Grand Piano features TRUE PIANO SOUND, without the use of electronics. Our beautiful mid-sized piano is perfect for children age 5 and up, as well as for adults. A child can easily reach the pedals, a feature that is stressed repeatedly by piano teachers as being very important. Included is a nicely cushioned, comfortable bench. This line is not intended to replace Schoenhut’s vintage models that feature chime-like tones, such as those we offer that were originally developed by Albert Schoenhut in 1872. Rather, the introduction is in response to customers wanting a "real piano" in a smaller size, particularly those who lack the space for a full-sized grand piano.

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Introduce your child to music. They will feel less intimidated by a full sized piano. The Baby Grand Pianos and the half sized upright pianos are ideal if you do not have the space for a full sized piano.