Self-Hypnosis to overcome Social Anxiety

Self-Hypnosis to overcome Social Anxiety from Here To Listen and Self Hypnosis UK

By: Here To Listen and Self Hypnosis UK  13/02/2009
Keywords: hypnotherapy, Social Phobia, Social Anxiety

Does walking into a room full of strangers terrify you?
Do you get nervous, feel sick and want to run when faced with possible confrontation?
Do you feel you have nothing to contribute to conversations, so you stay quiet?
Do you get tongue tied, blush or feel embarrassed when talking to the opposite sex?
Do new put off making changes in your life, because meeting new people stops you?
Do you turn down invitations to social events because you feel too nervous to attend?
Do you feel intimidated by others at work?
Do you feel as though you are standing on the outside of life, looking in?

For some people, being the centre of attention in a crowd, entering a room full of people, being introduced to someone new, is such a nerve racking situation they would rather avoid it at all costs. Trying to be heard by others, join in a conversation or ask a question is something they feel anxious about, so they stay quiet, and all these challenges can seem so daunting that even just thinking about them fills them with dread. And when they actually do pluck up the courage to act, they are struck dumb with nerves, or they stutter and stammer, or blush bright red, and eventually make up an excuse to exit the situation as quickly as possible.   If avoidance continues unchecked, other emotional and physical symptoms can occur, such as panic and anxiety attacks, eating disorders, agoraphobia, low self-esteem, and in sever cases, alcohol or drug abuse. Staying indoors and shutting out the world is not the answer.  

Human beings are social animals, so when we interact with others, we are fulfilling a basic human need; Hypnotherapy can reprogram your subconscious mind to put a halt to those negative thoughts and feelings that stop you enjoying to that interaction.

There are two tracks on this CD.Track 2 contains an induction, deepener, then the therapy section, and an ending.

The CD lasts around 39 minutes.

You will find this CD easy to listen to, with no gimmicks, subliminal messages, or irritating, overbearing music. The voice you will hear is that of a female with an English accent.

Keywords: Body Image, hypnotherapy, Social Anxiety, Social Phobia

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