Control your Binge Drinking and Cut down Alcohol Intake with Self Hypnosis

Control your Binge Drinking and Cut down Alcohol Intake with Self Hypnosis from Here To Listen and Self Hypnosis UK

By: Here To Listen and Self Hypnosis UK  13/02/2009
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Do feel alcohol helps you relax?
Do you feel alcohol boosts your confidence?
Do you drink because you have problems - to face up to stressful situations?
Do you find yourself often drinking alone? Do you sometimes miss work because of a hangover?
Do you ever try to stop or drink less - and fail? 
Do you ever have loss of memory due to your drinking?
Do you avoid being honest with others about your drinking?
Do you ever do or say things you regret later when you are drinking?
Do you often get drunk when you drink, even when you do not mean to?

If you feel that your social drinking is getting out of control, or you abstain all week then binge at the weekends, or you drink a little more than you know you should at the end of each day,  or the thought of not having another drink again unduly worried you, then this Self-Hypnosis session is for you.

Social drinking is a fact of life, no point in denying it, and when alcohol is drunk in moderation it can be a pleasant experience that is enjoyed by thousands. Problems start to appear though, when alcohol is drunk in quantities or a frequency that starts to affect mental, emotional or physical well-being, and this can occur slowly without you even being aware of it, until something happens that you never thought would. Once you are on the road to drinking too much alcohol and start depend on it because you believe it makes you feel better, enables you to relax more, gives you confidence, helps you sleep, and so on,  it can be difficult to make the rational choices you know you have to make, life can become more stressful, work more pressured, and relationships with others can deteriorate.

So if this is sounding like a lifestyle choice you don’t want, choose something else! 

This Self-Hypnosis session, will help you gain back the control you have lost, to be able drink only those limits that you know are safe, to be able to stop before you get to the point of no return, and put drinking back into perspective, where it once was.

This session will leave you feelings more confident, better able to cope with all that life can throw at you, and above all, in total control of the levels of alcohol you buy and consume at all times.

This Self-Hypnosis session is not aimed at diagnosed Alcoholics, and if you fall into this category, please continue to receive help and support from the medical profession or specialised organisation. If you are worried about any health-related issues as a result of alcohol abuse, please consult a medical practitioner immediately.

Note: This self-hypnosis session is not a replacement for any medication or treatment you have been prescribed by a medical practitioner, but it can be used as a complimentary therapy. If you suffer with low blood pressure that requires medication, we would advice that you consult a GP before using Hypnotherapy

Keywords: addiction, binge drinking, hypnosis, hypnotherapy

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