By: Get Fit with Mark  10/10/2011
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 "Mark is an exceptional personal trainer- I was delighted with each session which he carefully arranged to match working different areas of my body to create a fitness plan over time which improved every area of my muscle strength and overall fitness level. The sessions were highly enjoyable as well as a really good work-out leaving me feeling I had achieved a great deal from them. I would recommend Mark to anyone who wants a personal training plan with someone who will inspire them to push themselves and achieve great results. Thank you Mark!"

-Liz Couchman, Heaton Moor, Stockport, Cheshire

"I switched to Mark after a few weeks with another Personal Trainer who was always late and then put me on a running machine while he stood by. Mark varied the training he did with me every time so I didn't get bored. We did boxing, weight-training, mini circuits, Vipr etc. Mark makes you work hard but in an enjoyable way. Having got out of the habit of exercise Mark got me back into it."

- Sarah Norton, Wilmslow, Cheshire

­"All in all, I find the sessions a fun way of learning new exercises from a qualified instructor, rather than making exercises up myself that might do me more harm than good. Mark is very approachable and doesn’t get annoyed (well, doesn’t show it anyway!) if I mess up the programme he has prepared for me. If there are thi­ngs I can’t do, he will always suggest an alternative."

- Karen Cebulski, 39

"The sessions have enabled to accomplish more in terms of strength, endurance, conditioning, than what I would have ever achieved on my own and/or at the gym. I have also been able to incorporate what I have learnt from sessions into my own weekly fitness regimes. I have learnt more about the value of health and fitness in daily life.

Furthermore my current profession (nursing) could lead to potential back injuries. Personal training has taught me how to improve my posture through simple exercises. Also building muscle in my back should reduce the risk of potential back injuries.

Finally the sessions have been fun and varied and it has been interesting to learn how many strength-building exercises can be achieved using my own body weight."

- Helen Ronaldson, 30

"I used to get a great buzz from exercise but recently couldn’t get motivated to visit my local health club. Training with Mark has given me that buzz again!"­

- Gary Cooke, 43

"Mark makes Personal Training great fun, whilst challenging. I would recommend him to anyone!"

- Joanne Attewell, 29

"Having done lots of Mark's classes at the gym, which always had me working hard whilst enjoying myself at the same time, when I needed to be in shape to get into my bridesmaid dress at my brothers wedding I hired Mark as my personal trainer. Every PT session was varied and a lot of fun even though I was working hard and getting the results I wanted. Mark tailored the sessions to my fitness level and interests and created and individualised plan for me. Mark would meet me at places that were convenient to me a­nd not doing the same thing each week really kept my motivation up. I ran, cycled, boxed, squatted and even tricep dipped my way into my dress! I highly recommend Mark as a personal trainer."

- Ruth Roberts, 31

"Mark is a great trainer who is brilliant to work with. Highly recommended."

- Steve McComish

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