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By: Alloy Wheel Refurbishment - The Wheel Specialist  31/03/2011
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  1.       Are the wheels fully powder coated to produce a durable finish? The Wheel Specialist fully powder coats the whole wheel to produce an outstanding finish, utilising years of specialist experience, bespoke systems and state of the art machinery. Companies that operate in very small or mobile units simply will not have the capacity or machinery to professionally powder coat your wheels and achieve the factory finish you should expect. As a result other refurbishment methods are adopted, which inevitably lead to a less durable temporary finish.  

2.       Are a wide range of different finishes available? A lot of alloy wheel refurbishment companies will simply try and match the existing colour of the wheel with the nearest spray can, which is a tell tale sign of temporary cosmetic repair. This type of refurbishment only concentrates on the damaged area which is typically sprayed with a wet paint, resulting in an inferior temporary finish. Companies that offer this type of finish often do not have the capacity or experience to powder coat wheels, meaning they are very limited in the range of finishes that can be achieved.  The Wheel Specialist offers a vast range of finishes using unique powder coat and wet spray combinations, from standard finishes, manufacturer’s matches and bespoke designs; we offer the perfect finish to suit your vehicle.  

3.       Is the refurbishment guaranteed? If not then think again. The Wheel specialist offers a guarantee on all powder coated refurbishments.  

4.       Are the company and more importantly your vehicle fully insured? This is an important one to check out. The Wheel Specialist, employees, you and all vehicles are fully insured.  

5.       Are you offered a same day service? The Wheel Specialist is so efficient and specialised in refurbishing alloy wheels we offer all of our customers a same day service, meaning you won’t be left without your vehicle for more than a day. Unfortunately many other alloy wheel refurbishment companies cannot offer this same service even though they say they can ; some can even take up to six days to complete their refurbishment process.   

Here at The Wheel Specialist we think it is important you understand the difference between alloy wheel refurbishment companies. By all means have a look at other refurbishment companies, but don’t get your hopes up, nothing will compare.

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