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By: actors headshots john nichols  05/02/2015
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YOUR HEADSHOT "Please send a recent headshot" This is going to be the first request you hear when you contact casting directors and agents. A great headshot is absolutely essential to you as an actor. You need one, and it must be unique, accurate, and show you at your very best. A casting director will certainly look at many, many pictures during the search for the right actor for any particular role, and to succeed with this first impression is absolutely vital. How can you achieve this? THE BASICS They must look like you, that's obvious, but it's not quite as simple as that, You can look very different at different times. The lighting, your frame of mind, your situation, and many many other factors all affect the way you look at any given moment. As an actor you train to control some of these influences, for example, your body language, your expression, and the way you transmit emotion to the viewer. It's your photographers job, of course, to work with the the lighting, compose the picture, and optimise the backgrounds, Crucially ...You're going to need to work together as a team. The success of your headshot session will depend on this, and you need to be extremely careful in how spend your energy, your time, and of course, your money, CHOOSING A PHOTOGRAPHER You need a specialist headshot photographer An actors headshot session is completely different to any other kind of portraiture. It's the photographers skill and experience in enabling you to show your ability, on the day of the shoot, that makes all the difference. I specialise in working with actors, and I enjoy the work enormously. Every actor is unique, every session is different, and I never get tired of finding out the unique, and special aspect of an actors personality, and then being able to show this in the final headshot. Having successfully completed over 700 sessions of this kind I have developed the greatest admiration for those brave people who persevere in this exacting, and extremely demanding profession. I hope that you can see this in the samples of work shown on this website. YOUR FIRST SESSION? Don't worry, if you feel nervous or apprehensive, I'm used to working with actors of every age and level of experience. I particularly enjoy working with people who don't like having their picture taken, these sessions often can produce the most outstanding results. During each and every session it's vitally important to me to produce a really excellent portfolio of pictures whether you are just starting out, and this is your

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