MAVP - Valet Parking at Manchester Airport

MAVP - Valet Parking at Manchester Airport from

By:  21/10/2009
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  Valet parking is a convenient, prompt alternative to the park and ride services commonly found at Manchester Airport. MAVP have a reception facility a short distance from the terminals (4 minutes driving time - traffic permitting). You simply check in at MAVP reception, then our chauffeur driver takes you to departures in your own car. After clearing customs on your return, following a quick phone call, he drives back to the airport to collect you again. After a quick drive back to MAVP reception, you are on the road, on your journey home.
  Due to our proximity to the airport, we can offer a prompt service which saves long waits and queues for buses or coaches. Our convenient reception location also saves the stress of having to find your way around the maze of roads on the airport approaches.
 Our service is particularly convenient for golfers or skiers who prefer not to load and unload heavy luggage for the transfers from the car park to terminal. With MAVP you are transferred in your own car.

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