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By: Coastal Chiropractic Clinic, Adam Carlisle  08/09/2010
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Here at the Coastal Chiropractic Clinic we aim to;

·         be proactive rather than reactive by assessing how the joints and muscles are functioning

·         ease people’s aches, pains and stiffness

·         increase their quality of life of as many people as possible.

The intention of the Coastal Chiropractic Clinic is to provide Chiropractic care to all the family, from the young, to teenagers, to adults and to the older ladies and gentlemen.

Many people only go and see Chiropractors when they are in pain and discomfort as people will “put up” with aches and stiffness.

 A main aim of the Coastal Chiropractic Clinic is for everyone to be assessed and examined regularly, to help reduce the aches, pains and stiffness’s and try to keep people feeling good.

Often during the Initial Consultation, abnormalities are found, that the person is unaware of, e.g. raised blood pressure, muscle tension or a lack of sensation over a certain limb. This can then be dealt with in a positive manner.

We also advocate regular checkups, like people visit their Optician or Dentist, but in a Chiropractic approach.

If you are suffering, or are “putting up” with aches, pains or stiffness the Coastal Chiropractic Clinic would like to try and help, both in the short term and long term.

To make an appointment, or if you require further information,

please call

01253 72 77 20 or 07906 832 156.

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