By: Brad-Chem Ltd  14/09/2016
Keywords: Corrosion Inhibitors, Winter Products, low temperature lubricant

WHY CORROSION INHIBITORS & ADDITIVES IN WINTER PRODUCTS? In winter, the snow, ice, and melt water create their own unique challenges for automotive, rail, marine, and air transport and infrastructure. Industrial fluids can also be affected; because, falling temperatures can cause micro wax formation in hydrocarbons and vegetable oils, or freezing in water based fluids. Brad-Chem manufactures corrosion inhibitors and lubricant additive packages, including additive components for winter products. We can supply corrosion inhibitors specially designed for use in winter products, and solutions to low temperature issues in mineral, synthetic, and vegetable oil based fluids. WHY CORROSION INHIBITORS FOR WINTER PRODUCTS? In order to achieve low temperature performance, winter products are often formulated differently to products that are used at ambient temperatures only. To maintain winter performance freezing point depressants are added to fluids and these can change the corrosiveness of the fluid. Most commercial and industrial fluids are extensively tested against a range of criteria to ensure that they fulfil their purpose, while ensuring the integrity of valuable items are equipment. Brad-Chem corrosion inhibitors can help you to ensure that your winter products perform well in corrosion inhibition tests. Our experienced technical team can also help you to ensure that your winter product formulation passes requisite international standards. CAN I REFORMULATE MY WINTER PRODUCT TO REPLACE CORFREE M1? Brad-Chem has developed solutions to replace Corfree M1 and bases in cleaning applications, metalworking fluids, and winter products. Contact us to find out how we can help you to replace Corfree M1 in your winter products. WHY LUBRICANT ADDITIVES FOR WINTER PRODUCTS? Lubricants and associated products that need to function at low temperatures need specialized lubricant additives or synthetic base oils with good low temperature properties. Two of the main issues affecting both hydrocarbon fluids and mineral, vegetable, and synthetic oils are cold flow and cold filter plugging. Brad-Chem has a high degree of technical know-how and can offer a range of solutions; contact us to see how we can help you with your winter product formulations.

Keywords: Corrosion Inhibitors, low temperature lubricant, Pour point depressant, Replace Corfree M1, Winter Products,

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