NMR Facility Launched in North West Region

By: Rhys Biotech Ltd  15/04/2011
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Rhys Biotech has recently its new NMR Services. The NMR service offers specialist support and advice in NMR spectroscopy. This includes:

  • guidance in the choice of experiment
  • help in setting up new experiments
  • the opportunity to undertake collaborative research projects requiring NMR expertise
  • design and interpretation of complex NMR data and experiments
  • NMR validation of pharmaceutical QC
  • quantitative determinations of polymers
  • NMR method development expertise to support process R&D and product QC
  • strong capability for gels and soft solids
  • efficient and cost effective routine services
  • automated results transmission via secure extranet facility

Related Services

NMR Spectroscopy is available for the simultaneous multicomponent analysis of a range of specimens and products, including (1) active agents, by-products and trace organic impurities in pharmaceuticals and healthcare products, and (2) food constituents, e.g., the provision of full fatty acid profiles, glycerol backbone substitutional status and lipid oxidation product concentrations in used or unused culinary oils (or further lipidic food matrices) .

This is a list of NMR spectrometers available:

Varian Inova 300 MHz spectrometer

With a 50 position autosampler and a dual proton/carbon probe. It is configured for 24/7  use. It supports a range of 1D and 2D experiments which are broadly similar to those available on the Bruker Avance 300MHz instrument. It does have gradient shimming and gradient assisted 2D experiments.

Bruker Avance III new 400MHz spectrometer.

This is our new state-of-art  instrument, it is equipped with an auto-tuning multi-nuclear direct observation probe. A 60 postion autosampler is used for loading. It is configured for 24/7 use. A  wide range of both 1D and 2D  proton and carbon experiments is available. 31P ,19F, 11B, 2H and 77Se nuclei are also configured.

Bruker Avance II 500 MHz spectrometers.

This unit is virtually state of the art. It has been set up in the last 12 months. The spectrometers is fully equipped for automatic operation with 50(Varian) and 60 (Bruker) autosamplers fitted.

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