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By: Knight Time Creations  23/08/2015
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The days of the powerpoint presentation are not yet behind us, however the vast majority of people look at them with a resigned dread, whether they're presenting or watching. Slide after slide of bullet point lists accompanied by somebody talking about the bullet point lists doesn't make for particularly engaging viewing and after it's all finished, how many of the audience could tell you what they can remember about it? People learn in different ways; verbally, visually and physically and most educators understand that they need to try and hit as many of those learning types as possible in order to reach the largest number of students. In order for your presentation to really stand out and be memorable, you're going to need some graphics. Where do a lot of powerpoint presenters go for their graphics? Clip art stock files. Is there anything wrong with that? You can mooch around and find a simply drawn cartoon, for free, that vaguely relates to the topic of discussion in your presentation. Some presenters can't link any of those cartoons to their topic at hand but they don't want to pay for stock photo images, so they look online for relevant images and lift them from other people's websites. In some cases this can result in law suits and hefty copyright infringement fines of thousands of pounds. We can help avoid the pitfalls of the repetitive clip art cartoons, the limitations of the stock photo license fees and the nightmare of legal action. We will create for you a cartoon that fits perfectly into your presentation, gives the information you want to convey to your audience, isn't identical to any other image out there, isn't on licence, isn't copyrighted to someone else - it's yours. It can be as simple as a cartoon that you slot into your bullet point list to give a bit more punch, or it can be a full info-graphic in its own right. Incorporating numerous graphics, statistics and informative tidbits across the whole page.

Keywords: Clip Art, data visualisation, infographics, information, photo library, presentations, royalty free images, stock images

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