Reflexology from Holistyx

By: Holistyx  17/09/2009
Keywords: health, stress, anxiety

Reflexology is based on the principle that the feet can be seen as a 'map' of the body. Areas on the feet are seen as connected to corresponding areas of the body, with connecting zones going through the body into each toe, and with reflexes on the feet for specific areas such as the eyes, the ears, the teeth, and the shoulders, and also internal organs and structures such as the sinuses, the brain, the lungs, the spine, the liver, the various glands of the body. Reflexology, is the working of these reflexes, with the aim of correcting imbalances throughout the body, releasing blocked energy, and bringing the energies, systems and organs of the body to balance.

For a reflexology treatment, you lie fully clothed on the couch in ‘recliner’ position with a cushion under your head, and cushioned support under each of your calves to raise your feet. To start with the whole of each foot gets stretched, massaged, and stroked using fingers, thumbs and knuckles, until it is nicely relaxed. Then thumbs and fingertips are used in a special reflexology technique to press all over the foot from toes to heels both underneath the foot and on top. The treatment as a whole is good for the circulatory and immune systems. If there are particular systems of the body – e.g. the digestive system, the reproductive system - that have not been functioning well, there are particular routines that may be used for these, and there are also specific reflexes that may be worked for many conditions. A good consultation before you start means treatment may be adapted to your needs. However, the reflexologist will also observe as they are working where there are sensitivities, where energies are blocked and where there are crystaline deposits under the skin, and these areas will also get particular attention.  

A course of 5 sessions is recommended for maximum benefit.

Keywords: anxiety, Complementary Therapy, health, Holistic Therapy, reflexology, relaxation, stress, tension, wellbeing