Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage from Holistyx

By: Holistyx  14/05/2009
Keywords: health, massage, stress

Do just love having your head rubbed or people playing with your hair? In Indian Head massage, you will be treated to the massage therapist kneading, rubbing, ruffling, squeezing, plucking, tugging, tapping and stroking around your scalp and right to the ends of your hair. But Indian Head Massage is not just for the head! In modern Indian Head massage, the back, shoulders, neck, arms, and face are all massaged with these and other distinctive techniques developed from the ‘champissage’ practised in India for thousands of years. Indian Head Massage also includes gentle pressure along the energy channels of your scalp and face identified by the Ayur Vedic Medicine system.The client is usually seated on a chair, either upright or leaning onto pillows on the treatment couch, although it is also possible to do an adapted routine with the client lying down. You can be fully clothed if you prefer, or the upper body can be wrapped in a towel. In India, various beneficial special oils are liberally applied to the skin and hair. In the West, clients sometimes prefer the massage to use minimal oil or be totally oil free. Treatment finishes with a grounding of energies and a balancing of the major chakras (energy centres of the body).

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