Aromatherapy Massage

By: Holistyx  01/10/2009
Keywords: health, massage, stress

Essential oils are the complex, concentrated, aromatic, liquid vital essence of plants - powerful and naturally therapeutic substances with a great variety of wonderful smells. Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of these plant extracts.

For aromatherapy massage, I select 3 or 4 of the highest quality essential oils. I consider any specific health issues you may have; how you are physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually; which properties and affects will be of particular benefit to you; and which oils will combine to make a balanced, harmonious and synergistic blend in terms of smell and effect. Once selected, the essential oils are blended together and added to a carrier massage oil suited to your skin type.  

During aromatherapy massage, this aromatherapy oil is applied to the skin with slow deeply relaxing strokes, from where the essential oils are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and carried around the body. A full body massage covers legs and feet, abdomen, back and neck, top of chest and shoulders, arms and hands, face and head. Gentle pressure techniques from neuro-muscular and shiatsu massage are used to balance nerve supply, reflexes and meridians. The nose also carries the essential oils through the olfactory system to the limbic system and the brain where they effect your mind and mood, and may continue to do so for several days after treatment.

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