Illegal fly tipping-you can be fined up to £5000

Illegal fly tipping-you can be fined up to £5000 from SMART PRICE REMOVALS

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Did you know that you are responsible for ensuring that any waste removed from your property is disposed of in a legal manner? If you pay somebody else to remove rubbish from your property they MUST dispose of it at a registered trade waste centre and NOT the local tip. Local Councils are clamping down on rogue operators who dump commercial waste at residential tips and there are substantial penalties, for both the householder and the contractor involved in this kind of practice. If someone offers to take your rubbish away for a ” bargain ” price or to do a ” tip run ” for you, our advice would be to think very carefully about the possible consequences. We could point you in the direction of many instances where householders have been prosecuted for employing the services of cowboy rubbish removal firms but a simple Google search on the subject will show you many examples.

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