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By: Multihog UK LTD  07/08/2013
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When utilising the Multihog base unit and road planer combination you can travel on the highway to the site of the pothole, or larger planned repairs, to plane the road surface 400mm wide down to a depth of 125mm. Once the Multihog operator has finished the patch planing operations the reinstatement team can move in to complete a permanent repair, allowing the Multihog operator to make their way to the next place of works, ensuring that the site is again ready for reinstatement. The patch planer itself is a UK manufactured unit which distinguishes itself apart from other mini planers on the market by its centre pivot design; this allows the operator to place the weight of the Multihog onto the cutting drum which greatly increases productivity and stability in your most difficult of road planing operations such as dense packed asphalt or concrete including hot rolled asphalt (HRA). The Multihog's road planer will save time and the cost of infill materials by accurately removing only what is needed, produces a sound base for reinstatement and helps reduce transport and recycling costs by creating a re-usable material. In addition to these benefits the elimination of the need for hand operated tools eradicates the risk of HAVS (Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome). Overall the Multihog and asphalt planer combination is faster, cleaner, safer, greener, more manoeuvrable and quieter than many other machines available on the market, reducing your costs whilst increasing productivity due to the excellent visibility and control. To give you an example of the Multihog's productivity, Glasgow City Council improved their operational output by 400% over the conventional backhoe loader planers previously used, from originally 50m²-100m² per day to over 400m² in a day's planing. The advanced productivity of the Multihog's mini road planer has enabled some organisations to achieve their daily planing targets within a couple of hours leaving the machine and operator with the rest of the day to carry out other maintenance duties generating further savings. A recent report issued by Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council indicates potential savings of up to 50% per square meter as well as other advantages over traditional planing operations with the utilisation of the Multihog for road repairs as well as winter maintenance tasks later in the year. Key features and benefits: -Road milling to 400mm wide x 125mm deep. -Elimination of HAVS, there is no need for the use of hand held tools. -Excellent view of the working area from the elevated seating position and the fact that you can drive the Multihog to site, on the road. Eliminating the need for trailers or low loaders. -Side shifting carriage allows the road planer to work right up against a wall or kerb. -Rotating head allows the operator to keep the planer level even if the Multihog is working on an incline. -Hydraulic rams to allow the operator to set the depth, alter the tilt function and operate the side shift, all from within the comfort of the air conditioned cab. -53 carbide steel – tipped picks to get a 10mm lacing across its 400mm width - the perfect key for reinstatement. -The cutting picks rotate in their fittings to allow even wear and promote a sharpening effect as they work. -Can also be used for the texturing of concrete or asphalt, producing a slightly course finish which is best for muddy or wet areas. If a finer finish is required click here to be redirected to the surface and line removal planer.

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